I wanted to express how pleased our staff is with Bonsai Boy. Everyone comments on how lovely it is to have a living plant in our reception; we have many clients who ask 'is it a real Bonsai'? Flowers are beautiful, but to have your living Bonsai trees with their intricate trunks, shapes & colors displayed in exotic pots are very special indeed.


Narelle Taylor
Macquarie Private Wealth

“Each Bonsai that we receive each week is different & unique, a real conversation piece of the office, not only amongst staff but also to visitors who come to our reception desk”.


''We love having a gorgeous Bonsai as a centerpiece in the lobby of our hotel. It is very different and unique while being professional and gives the lobby a more relaxing feeling. Naturally as a display the plant last for a very long time and Bonsai Boy come to our property and switch the diplay on a regular basis to give us that edge. We love this service and wouldn't have anything else, thank you Bonsai Boy".

Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne

“Bonsai Boy provide a fantastic service and a great alternative to the standard flower arrangements seen in most offices. The staff are attentive and reliable, providing a variety of well groomed bonsai’s each week. The ever changing range is a great conversation starter and helps to relax and ease people into their business meetings.”

Deakin Prime